May Highlights


May Cover Art 

Improved chemical exchange saturation transfer imaging with real‐time frequency drift correction, by Ruibin LiuHongxi ZhangWeiming NiuCan LaiQiuping DingWeibo ChenSayuan LiangJinyuan ZhouDan Wu,  and Yi Zhang

May Editor’s Picks

Mapping water exchange across the blood–brain barrier using 3D diffusion‐prepared arterial spin labeled perfusion MRI, by Xingfeng Shao, Samantha J. Ma, Marlene Casey, Lina D’Orazio, John M. Ringman, and Danny J.J. Wang

SUSAN: segment unannotated image structure using adversarial network, by Fang Liu

Last Month’s Editor’s Picks:

Towards a ‘resolution limit’ for DW‐MRI tumor microstructural models: A simulation study investigating the feasibility of distinguishing between microstructural changes, by Damien J. McHugh, Penny L. Hubbard Cristinacce, Josephine H. Naish, and Geoffrey J. M. Parker

Magnetic resonance field fingerprinting, by Gregor Körzdörfer, Yun Jiang, Peter Speier, Jianing Pang, Dan Ma, Josef Pfeuffer, Bernhard Hensel, Vikas Gulani, Mark Griswold, and, Mathias Nittka

New! The next Editor-in-Chief of MRM has been named

Congratulations to Peter Jezzard, Ph.D., who will start as our next Editor-in-Chief on January 1, 2020! Peter will become the fifth Editor-in-Chief in our journal’s 35-year history. Read more about Peter here.

New! Virtual Issue on Accessible MRI for the World

Our Virtual Issues are retrospectively-assembled Tables of Contents with links to previously-published Magn Reson Med articles.

Drs. Sonal Krishan (Medanta Hospital) and Sairam Geethanath (Dayananda Sagar University) have assembled a Virtual Issue on the topic of Acccessible MRI. This issue features selected MRM papers published on the topic.

This Virtual Issue coincides with the upcoming ISMRM Workshop: Accessible MRI for the World, being held from 29-31 March 2019 in New Delhi.

New! Virtual Issue on Ultrahigh Field Magnetic Resonance

Our Virtual Issues are retrospectively-assembled Tables of Contents with links to previously-published Magn Reson Med articles.

Drs. Niendorf Thoralf (Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine) and Gregory Metzger (University of Minnesota) have assembled a Virtual Issue on the topic of Ultrahigh Field Magnetic Resonance.

This issue features selected MRM papers published on the topic and is available here.

This Virtual Issue coincides with the ISMRM Workshop on ISMRM Workshop on Ultrahigh Field Magnetic Resonance: Technological Advances, Translational Research Promises & Clinical Applications, to be held 31 March – 03 April 2019 in Dubrovnik.

Online Platform Migration to Literatum for our Journal Homepage

Recently our publisher Wiley introduced a new, streamlined appearance for our journal Homepage.  It’s based on a new platform called Literatum. It offers lighter, cleaner design, and features an article-focused layout and increased whitespace to improve legibility. A large amount of content was migrated during the changeover, which has gone relatively smoothly. If you notice a problem, please feel free to email

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We’re accepting YIA submissions for the 2020 ISMRM Annual Meeting in Sydney, Australia

Our ManuscriptCentral/ScholarOne site is open for manuscript submissions in conjunction with the 2020 I.I. Rabi Award to be awarded at the ISMRM Annual Meeting in Montreal. The submission deadline is:  11 September 2019.  For more information about the YIA competition, please visit here.

OnlineOpen 25% Discount for ISMRM Members

Magn Reson Med is very pleased to continue to offer its standard publication option: No page charges, including color pages in print.

Some authors, institutions, or funding agencies however, prefer or require papers to be freely and immediately available for download by anyone, regardless of their subscription status, i.e., Open Access. For those authors, Wiley offers an author-paid publication option called OnlineOpen. This option is only available for accepted papers, so if an author makes this choice it has absolutely no bearing on the peer-review process or any editorial decision.

We are pleased that our publisher is offering ISMRM Members a 25% discount on OnlineOpen fees for their Magn Reson Med papers. The author applying for the discount must be a current ISMRM Member. More information is available by clicking on the OnlineOpen link on the Magn Reson Med homepage.

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