Top Downloaded MRM Articles from 2018 and 2019


Congratulations to those whose articles have generated interest. We are proud to post the list of all those papers published in 2018 and 2019 that have attracted the most downloads from the Magnetic Resonance in Medicine website.

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  1. Methodological consensus on clinical proton MRS of the brain: Review and recommendations, by Martin Wilson, Ovidiu Andronesi, Peter B. Barker,  Robert Bartha,  Alberto Bizzi,  Patrick J. Bolan,  Kevin M. Brindle, In‐Young Choi, Cristina Cudalbu, Ulrike Dydak, Uzay E. Emir, Ramon G. Gonzalez, Stephan Gruber, Rolf Gruetter, Rakesh K. Gupta, Arend Heerschap, Anke Henning, Hoby P. Hetherington, Petra S. Huppi, Ralph E. Hurd, Kejal Kantarci, Risto A Kauppinen, Dennis W. J. Klomp, Roland Kreis, Marijn J. Kruiskamp, Martin O. Leach, Alexander P. Lin, Peter R. Luijten, Małgorzata Marjańska, Andrew A. Maudsley, Dieter J. Meyerhoff, Carolyn E. Mountford, Paul G. Mullins, James B. Murdoch, Sarah J. Nelson, Ralph Noeske, Gülin Öz, Julie W. Pan, Andrew C. Peet, Harish Poptani, Stefan Posse, Eva‐Maria Ratai, Nouha Salibi, Tom W. J. Scheenen, Ian C. P. Smith, Brian J. Soher, Ivan Tkáč, Daniel B. Vigneron, Franklyn A. Howe
  2. Magnetic resonance fingerprinting: a technical review, by Bhairav Bipin Mehta, Simone Coppo, Debra Frances McGivney, Jesse Ian Hamilton, Yong Chen, Yun Jiang, Dan Ma, Nicole Seiberlich, Vikas Gulani, Mark Alan Griswold
  3. Scan‐specific robust artificial‐neural‐networks for k‐space interpolation (RAKI) reconstruction: Database‐free deep learning for fast imaging, by Mehmet Akçakaya, Steen Moeller, Sebastian Weingärtner, Kâmil Uğurbil
  4. Echo planar time‐resolved imaging (EPTI), by Fuyixue Wang, Zijing Dong, Timothy G. Reese, Berkin Bilgic, Mary Katherine Manhard, Jingyuan Chen, Jonathan R. Polimeni, Lawrence L. Wald, Kawin Setsompop
  5. Assessment of the generalization of learned image reconstruction and the potential for transfer learning, by Florian Knoll, Kerstin Hammernik, Erich Kobler, Thomas Pock, Michael P Recht, Daniel K Sodickson
  6. Reproducibility and the future of MRI research, by Nikola Stikov, Joshua D. Trzasko, Matt A. Bernstein
  7. Real‐time cardiovascular MR with spatio‐temporal artifact suppression using deep learning–proof of concept in congenital heart disease, by Andreas Hauptmann, Simon Arridge, Felix Lucka, Vivek Muthurangu, Jennifer A. Steeden
  8. Super‐resolution musculoskeletal MRI using deep learning, by Akshay S. Chaudhari, Zhongnan Fang, Feliks Kogan, Jeff Wood, Kathryn J. Stevens, Eric K. Gibbons, Jin Hyung Lee, Garry E. Gold, Brian A. Hargreaves
  9. Deep learning with domain adaptation for accelerated projection‐reconstruction MR, by Yoseob Han, Jaejun Yoo, Hak Hee Kim, Hee Jung Shin, Kyunghyun Sung, Jong Chul Ye
  10. On modeling, by Dmitry S. Novikov, Valerij G. Kiselev, Sune N. Jespersen
  11. High‐dimensionality undersampled patch‐based reconstruction (HD‐PROST) for accelerated multi‐contrast MRI, by Aurélien Bustin, Gastão Lima da Cruz, Olivier Jaubert, Karina Lopez, René M. Botnar, Claudia Prieto
  12. MR fingerprinting Deep RecOnstruction NEtwork (DRONE), by Ouri Cohen, Bo Zhu, Matthew S. Rosen
  13. Mapping water exchange across the blood–brain barrier using 3D diffusion‐prepared arterial spin labeled perfusion MRI, by Xingfeng Shao, Samantha J. Ma, Marlene Casey, Lina D’Orazio, John M. Ringman, Danny J.J. Wang
  14. Revealing sub‐voxel motions of brain tissue using phase‐based amplified MRI (aMRI), by Itamar Terem, Wendy W. Ni, Maged Goubran, Mahdi Salmani Rahimi, Greg Zaharchuk, Kristen W. Yeom, Michael E. Moseley, Mehmet Kurt, Samantha J. Holdsworth
  15. Microscopic anisotropy misestimation in spherical‐mean single diffusion encoding MRI, by Rafael Neto Henriques, Sune N. Jespersen, Noam Shemesh
  16. Evaluation of principal component analysis image denoising on multi‐exponential MRI relaxometry, by Mark D. Does, Jonas Lynge Olesen, Kevin D. Harkins, Teresa Serradas‐Duarte, Daniel F. Gochberg, Sune N. Jespersen, Noam Shemesh
  17. Prediction of peripheral nerve stimulation thresholds of MRI gradient coils using coupled electromagnetic and neurodynamic simulations, by Mathias Davids, Bastien Guérin, Axel vom Endt, Lothar R. Schad, Lawrence L. Wald
  18. SPARKLING: variable‐density k‐space filling curves for accelerated T2*‐weighted MRI, by Carole Lazarus, Pierre Weiss, Nicolas Chauffert, Franck Mauconduit, Loubna El Gueddari, Christophe Destrieux, Ilyess Zemmoura, Alexandre Vignaud, Philippe Ciuciu
  19. A general framework for optimizing arterial spin labeling MRI experiments, by Joseph G. Woods, Michael A. Chappell, Thomas W. Okell
  20. Magnetic resonance fingerprinting with dictionary‐based fat and water separation (DBFW MRF): A multi‐component approach, by Matteo Cencini, Laura Biagi, Joshua D. Kaggie, Rolf F. Schulte, Michela Tosetti, Guido Buonincontri
  21. Diffusion Acceleration with Gaussian process Estimated Reconstruction (DAGER), by Wenchuan Wu, Peter J. Koopmans, Jesper L.R. Andersson, Karla L. Miller
  22. Sparsity and locally low rank regularization for MR fingerprinting, by Gastão Lima da Cruz, Aurélien Bustin, Oliver Jaubert, Torben Schneider, René M. Botnar, Claudia Prieto
  23. Sodium MRI revisited, Deborah Burstein, Charles S. Springer Jr
  24. Combined diffusion‐relaxometry MRI to identify dysfunction in the human placenta, by Paddy J. Slator, Jana Hutter, Marco Palombo, Laurence H. Jackson, Alison Ho, Eleftheria Panagiotaki, Lucy C. Chappell, Mary A. Rutherford, Joseph V. Hajnal, Daniel C. Alexander
  25. Model‐based super‐resolution reconstruction of T2 maps, by Wajiha Bano, Gian Franco Piredda, Mike Davies, Ian Marshall, Mohammad Golbabaee, Reto Meuli, Tobias Kober, Jean‐Philippe Thiran, Tom Hilbert
  26. SUSAN: segment unannotated image structure using adversarial network, by Fang Liu
  27. Trajectory optimized NUFFT: Faster non‐Cartesian MRI reconstruction through prior knowledge and parallel architectures, by David S. Smith, Saikat Sengupta, Seth A. Smith, E. Brian Welch
  28. Evaluating corrections for Eddy‐currents and other EPI distortions in diffusion MRI: methodology and a dataset for benchmarking, by M. Okan Irfanoglu, Joelle Sarlls, Amritha Nayak, Carlo Pierpaoli
  29. Towards a ‘resolution limit’ for DW‐MRI tumor microstructural models: A simulation study investigating the feasibility of distinguishing between microstructural changes, by Damien J. McHugh, Penny L. Hubbard Cristinacce, Josephine H. Naish, Geoffrey J. M. Parker
  30. Brain imaging with improved acceleration and SNR at 7 Tesla obtained with 64‐channel receive array, by Kamil Uğurbil, Edward Auerbach, Steen Moeller, Andrea Grant, Xiaoping Wu, Pierre‐Francois Van de Moortele, Cheryl Olman, Lance DelaBarre, Scott Schillak, Jerahmie Radder, Russell Lagore, Gregor Adriany
  31. Fetal whole‐heart 4D imaging using motion‐corrected multi‐planar real‐time MRI, by Joshua F.P. van Amerom, David F.A. Lloyd, Maria Deprez, Anthony N. Price, Shaihan J. Malik, Kuberan Pushparajah, Milou P.M. van Poppel, Mary A. Rutherford, Reza Razavi, Joseph V Hajnal
  32. Free‐running 3D whole heart myocardial T1 mapping with isotropic spatial resolution, by Haikun Qi, Olivier Jaubert, Aurelien Bustin, Gastao Cruz, Huijun Chen, René Botnar, Claudia Prieto
  33. Resolving degeneracy in diffusion MRI biophysical model parameter estimation using double diffusion encoding, by Santiago Coelho, Jose M. Pozo, Sune N. Jespersen, Derek K. Jones, Alejandro F. Frangi
  34. The influence of spatial resolution on the spectral quality and quantification accuracy of whole‐brain MRSI at 1.5T, 3T, 7T, and 9.4T, by Stanislav Motyka, Philipp Moser, Lukas Hingerl, Gilbert Hangel, Eva Heckova, Bernhard Strasser, Korbinian Eckstein, Simon Daniel Robinson, Benedikt A. Poser, Stephan Gruber, Siegfried Trattnig, Wolfgang Bogner
  35. Tilted‐CAIPI for highly accelerated distortion‐free EPI with point spread function (PSF) encoding, by Zijing Dong, Fuyixue Wang, Timothy G. Reese, Mary Katherine Manhard, Berkin Bilgic, Lawrence L. Wald, Hua Guo, Kawin Setsompop
  36. Intact metabolite spectrum mining by deep learning in proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the brain, by Hyeong Hun Lee, Hyeonjin Kim
  37. Network Accelerated Motion Estimation and Reduction (NAMER): Convolutional neural network guided retrospective motion correction using a separable motion model, by Melissa W. Haskell, Stephen F. Cauley, Berkin Bilgic, Julian Hossbach, Daniel N. Splitthoff, Josef Pfeuffer, Kawin Setsompop, Lawrence L. Wald
  38. Magnetic resonance field fingerprinting, by Gregor Körzdörfer, Yun Jiang, Peter Speier, Jianing Pang, Dan Ma, Josef Pfeuffer, Bernhard Hensel, Vikas Gulani, Mark Griswold, Mathias Nittka
  39. Establishing intra‐ and inter‐vendor reproducibility of T1 relaxation time measurements with 3T MRI, by Yoojin Lee, Martina F. Callaghan, Julio Acosta‐Cabronero, Antoine Lutti, Zoltan Nagy
  40. KIKI‐net: cross‐domain convolutional neural networks for reconstructing undersampled magnetic resonance images, by Taejoon Eo, Yohan Jun, Taeseong Kim, Jinseong Jang, Ho‐Joon Lee, Dosik Hwang
  41. Retrospective correction of motion‐affected MR images using deep learning frameworks, by Thomas Küstner, Karim Armanious, Jiahuan Yang, Bin Yang, Fritz Schick, Sergios Gatidis
  42. SANTIS: Sampling‐Augmented Neural neTwork with Incoherent Structure for MR image reconstruction, by Fang Liu, Alexey Samsonov, Lihua Chen, Richard Kijowski, Li Feng
  43. MANTIS: Model‐Augmented Neural neTwork with Incoherent k‐space Sampling for efficient MR parameter mapping, by Fang Liu, Li Feng, Richard Kijowski
  44. Super‐resolution for upper abdominal MRI: Acquisition and post‐processing protocol optimization using brain MRI control data and expert reader validation, by Michael Ebner, Premal A. Patel, David Atkinson, Lucy Caselton, Louisa Firmin, Zahir Amin, Alan Bainbridge, Paolo De Coppi, Stuart A. Taylor, Sébastien Ourselin, Manil D. Chouhan, Tom Vercauteren
  45. A deep learning method for image‐based subject‐specific local SAR assessment, by E.F. Meliadò, A.J.E Raaijmakers, A. Sbrizzi, B.R. Steensma, M. Maspero, M.H.F. Savenije, P.R. Luijten, C.A.T. van den Berg
  46. CEST, ASL, and magnetization transfer contrast: How similar pulse sequences detect different phenomena, by Linda Knutsson, Jiadi Xu, André Ahlgren, Peter C.M van Zijl
  47. Compressed Sensing 3D‐GRASE for faster High‐Resolution MRI, by A. Cristobal‐Huerta, D.H.J. Poot, M.W. Vogel, G.P. Krestin, J.A. Hernandez‐Tamames
  48. Scattering matrix imaging pulse design for real‐time respiration and cardiac motion monitoring, by Sven H. F. Jaeschke, Matthew D. Robson, Aaron T. Hess
  49. Measuring large lipid droplet sizes by probing restricted lipid diffusion effects with diffusion‐weighted MRS at 3T, by Dominik Weidlich, Julius Honecker, Oliver Gmach, Mingming Wu, Rainer Burgkart, Stefan Ruschke, Daniela Franz, Bjoern H. Menze, Thomas Skurk, Hans Hauner, Ulrich Kulozik, Dimitrios C. Karampinos
  50. Five‐minute whole‐heart coronary MRA with sub‐millimeter isotropic resolution, 100% respiratory scan efficiency, and 3D‐PROST reconstruction, by Aurélien Bustin, Giulia Ginami, Gastão Cruz, Teresa Correia, Tevfik F. Ismail, Imran Rashid, Radhouene Neji, René M. Botnar, Claudia Prieto
  51. Frequency difference mapping applied to the corpus callosum at 7T, by Benjamin C. Tendler, Richard Bowtell
  52. Aortic 4D flow MRI in 2 minutes using compressed sensing, respiratory controlled adaptive k‐space reordering, and inline reconstruction, by Liliana E. Ma, Michael Markl, Kelvin Chow, Hyungkyu Huh, Christoph Forman, Alireza Vali, Andreas Greiser, James Carr, Susanne Schnell, Alex J. Barker, Ning Jin
  53. An automated approach to fully self‐gated free‐running cardiac and respiratory motion‐resolved 5D whole‐heart MRI, by Lorenzo Di Sopra, Davide Piccini, Simone Coppo, Matthias Stuber, Jérôme Yerly
  54. Separation of water and fat signal in whole‐body gradient echo scans using convolutional neural networks, by Jonathan Andersson, Håkan Ahlström, Joel Kullberg
  55. Mapping connectomes with diffusion MRI: deterministic or probabilistic tractography?, by Tabinda Sarwar, Kotagiri Ramamohanarao, Andrew Zalesky
  56. Accuracy and precision of electrical permittivity mapping at 3T: the impact of three B1+ mapping techniques, by Soraya Gavazzi, Cornelis A.T. van den Berg, Alessandro Sbrizzi, H. Petra Kok, Lukas J. A. Stalpers, Jan J.W. Lagendijk, Hans Crezee, Astrid L. H. M. W. van Lier
  57. Robust 3D Bloch‐Siegert based B1+ mapping using multi‐echo general linear modeling, by Nadège Corbin, Julio Acosta‐Cabronero, Shaihan J. Malik, Martina F. Callaghan
  58. Highly accelerated multishot echo planar imaging through synergistic machine learning and joint reconstruction, by Berkin Bilgic, Itthi Chatnuntawech, Mary Kate Manhard, Qiyuan Tian, Congyu Liao, Siddharth S. Iyer, Stephen F. Cauley, Susie Y. Huang, Jonathan R. Polimeni, Lawrence L. Wald, Kawin Setsompop
  59. Deep convolutional neural network for segmentation of knee joint anatomy, by Zhaoye Zhou, Gengyan Zhao, Richard Kijowski, Fang Liu
  60. Ultrafast (milliseconds), multidimensional RF pulse design with deep learning, by Mads Sloth Vinding, Birk Skyum, Ryan Sangill, Torben Ellegaard Lund
  61. Multi‐modal functional MRI to explore placental function over gestation, by Jana Hutter, Paddy J. Slator, Laurence Jackson, Ana Dos Santos Gomes, Alison Ho, Lisa Story, Jonathan O’Muircheartaigh, Rui P. A. G. Teixeira, Lucy C. Chappell, Daniel C. Alexander, Mary A. Rutherford, Joseph V. Hajnal
  62. Creatine and phosphocreatine mapping of mouse skeletal muscle by a polynomial and Lorentzian line‐shape fitting CEST method, by Lin Chen, Peter B. Barker, Robert G. Weiss, Peter C. M. van Zijl, Jiadi Xu
  63. Fast quantitative MRI using controlled saturation magnetization transfer, by Rui Pedro A.G. Teixeira, Shaihan J. Malik, Joseph V. Hajnal
  64. A comparison of static and dynamic ∆B0 mapping methods for correction of CEST MRI in the presence of temporal B0 field variations, by Esau Poblador Rodriguez, Philipp Moser, Barbara Dymerska, Simon Robinson, Benjamin Schmitt, Andre van der Kouwe, Stephan Gruber, Siegfried Trattnig, Wolfgang Bogner
  65. Ultrafast 3D Bloch–Siegert B1+‐mapping using variational modeling , by Andreas Lesch, Matthias Schlöegl, Martin Holler, Kristian Bredies, Rudolf Stollberger
  66. 3D gradient echo snapshot CEST MRI with low power saturation for human studies at 3T, by Anagha Deshmane, Moritz Zaiss, Tobias Lindig, Kai Herz, Mark Schuppert, Chirayu Gandhi, Benjamin Bender, Ulrike Ernemann, Klaus Scheffler
  67. 3D nonrigid motion correction for quantitative assessment of hepatic lesions in DCE‐MRI, by Matteo Ippoliti, Mathias Lukas, Winfried Brenner, Tobias Schaeffter, Marcus R. Makowski, Christoph Kolbitsch
  68. A 32‐channel multi‐coil setup optimized for human brain shimming at 9.4T, by Ali Aghaeifar, Jiazheng Zhou, Rahel Heule, Behzad Tabibian, Bernhard Schölkopf, Feng Jia, Maxim Zaitsev, Klaus Scheffler
  69. Fast myocardial T1 mapping using cardiac motion correction, by Kirsten M. Becker, Edyta Blaszczyk, Stephanie Funk, André Nuesslein, Jeanette Schulz‐Menger, Tobias Schaeffter, Christoph Kolbitsch
  70. Fast multi‐component analysis using a joint sparsity constraint for MR fingerprinting, by Martijn Nagtegaal, Peter Koken, Thomas Amthor, Mariya Doneva
  71. Deep learning–based MR‐to‐CT synthesis: The influence of varying gradient echo–based MR images as input channels, by Mateusz C. Florkow, Frank Zijlstra, Koen Willemsen, Matteo Maspero, Cornelis A. T. van den Berg, Linda G. W. Kerkmeijer, René M. Castelein, Harrie Weinans, Max A. Viergever, Marijn van Stralen, Peter R. Seevinck
  72. Respiratory motion corrected 4D flow using golden radial phase encoding, by Christoph Kolbitsch, Rene Bastkowski, Tobias Schäffter, Claudia Prieto Vasquez, Kilian Weiss, David Maintz, Daniel Giese
  73. Maxwell‐compensated design of asymmetric gradient waveforms for tensor‐valued diffusion encoding, by Filip Szczepankiewicz, Carl‐Fredrik Westin, Markus Nilsson
  74. Dissolved hyperpolarized xenon‐129 MRI in human kidneys, by Jorge Chacon‐Caldera, Adam Maunder, Madhwesha Rao, Graham Norquay, Oliver I. Rodgers, Matthew Clemence, Claudio Puddu, Lothar R. Schad, Jim M. Wild
  75. Shielded‐coaxial‐cable coils as receive and transceive array elements for 7T human MRI, by Thomas Ruytenberg, Andrew Webb, Irena Zivkovic
  76. T1ρ‐based dynamic glucose‐enhanced (DGEρ) MRI at 3 T: method development and early clinical experience in the human brain, by Kai Herz, Tobias Lindig, Anagha Deshmane, Jens Schittenhelm, Marco Skardelly, Benjamin Bender, Ulrike Ernemann, Klaus Scheffler, Moritz Zaiss
  77. Separating fetal and maternal placenta circulations using multiparametric MRI, by Andrew Melbourne, Rosalind Aughwane, Magdalena Sokolska, David Owen, Giles Kendall, Dimitra Flouri, Alan Bainbridge, David Atkinson, Jan Deprest, Tom Vercauteren, Anna David, Sebastien Ourselin
  78. A novel normalization for amide proton transfer CEST MRI to correct for fat signal–induced artifacts: application to human breast cancer imaging, by Ferdinand Zimmermann, Andreas Korzowski, Johannes Breitling, Jan‐Eric Meissner, Patrick Schuenke, Lisa Loi, Moritz Zaiss, Sebastian Bickelhaupt, Sarah Schott, Heinz‐Peter Schlemmer, Daniel Paech, Mark E. Ladd, Peter Bachert, Steffen Goerke
  79. Steady‐state imaging with inhomogeneous magnetization transfer contrast using multiband radiofrequency pulses, by Shaihan J. Malik, Rui P. A. G. Teixeira, Daniel J. West, Tobias C. Wood, Joseph V. Hajnal
  80. Non‐contrast MR imaging of blood‐brain barrier permeability to water, by Zixuan Lin, Yang Li, Pan Su, Deng Mao, Zhiliang Wei, Jay J. Pillai, Abhay Moghekar, Matthias van Osch, Yulin Ge, Hanzhang Lu
  81. Looping Star, by Florian Wiesinger, Anne Menini, Ana Beatriz Solana
  82. Rigid motion‐corrected magnetic resonance fingerprinting, by Gastão Cruz, Olivier Jaubert, Torben Schneider, Rene M. Botnar, Claudia Prieto
  83. Electrical properties tomography: Available contrast and reconstruction capabilities, by Ileana Hancu, Jiaen Liu, Yihe Hua, Seung‐Kyun Lee
  84. Stimulated echo based mapping (STEM) of T1, T2, and apparent diffusion coefficient: validation and protocol optimization, by Yuxin Zhang, Shane A. Wells, Diego Hernando
  85. Cartesian MR fingerprinting in the eye at 7T using compressed sensing and matrix completion‐based reconstructions, by Kirsten Koolstra, Jan‐Willem Maria Beenakker, Peter Koken, Andrew Webb, Peter Börnert
  86. Flow MR fingerprinting, by Sebastian Flassbeck, Simon Schmidt, Peter Bachert, Mark E. Ladd, Sebastian Schmitter
  87. Rapid and quantitative chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) imaging with magnetic resonance fingerprinting (MRF), by Ouri Cohen, Shuning Huang, Michael T. McMahon, Matthew S. Rosen Christian T. Farrar
  88. Deep learning approaches for detection and removal of ghosting artifacts in MR spectroscopy, by Sreenath P. Kyathanahally, André Döring, Roland Kreis
  89. Improving parallel imaging by jointly reconstructing multi‐contrast data, by Berkin Bilgic, Tae Hyung Kim, Congyu Liao, Mary Kate Manhard, Lawrence L. Wald, Justin P. Haldar, Kawin Setsompop
  90. Comparison of MEMS switches and PIN diodes for switched dual tuned RF coils, by Adam Maunder, Madhwesha Rao, Fraser Robb, Jim M. Wild
  91. Water–fat Dixon cardiac magnetic resonance fingerprinting, by Olivier Jaubert, Gastão Cruz, Aurélien Bustin, Torben Schneider, Begoña Lavin, Peter Koken, Reza Hajhosseiny, Mariya Doneva, Daniel Rueckert, René M. Botnar, Claudia Prieto
  92. Iterative motion‐compensation reconstruction ultra‐short TE (iMoCo UTE) for high‐resolution free‐breathing pulmonary MRI, by Xucheng Zhu, Marilynn Chan, Michael Lustig,  Kevin M. Johnson,  Peder E. Z. Larson
  93. A joint space‐angle regularization approach for single 4D diffusion image super‐resolution, by Shi Yin, Xinge You, Xin Yang,  Qinmu Peng,  Ziqi Zhu,  Xiao‐Yuan Jing
  94. Natively fat‐suppressed 5D whole‐heart MRI with a radial free‐running fast‐interrupted steady‐state (FISS) sequence at 1.5T and 3T, by Jessica A.M. Bastiaansen, Davide Piccini, Lorenzo Di Sopra,  Christopher W. Roy,  John Heerfordt,  Robert R. Edelman,  Ioannis Koktzoglou,  Jérôme Yerly,  Matthias Stuber
  95. Ultrafast magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging using SPICE with learned subspaces, by Fan Lam, Yudu Li, Rong Guo,  Bryan Clifford,  Zhi‐Pei Liang
  96. Accelerating compressed sensing in parallel imaging reconstructions using an efficient circulant preconditioner for cartesian trajectories, by Kirsten Koolstra, Jeroen van Gemert, Peter Börnert,  Andrew Webb,  Rob Remis
  97. Lightweight, compact, and high‐performance 3T MR system for imaging the brain and extremities, by Thomas K. F. Foo, Evangelos Laskaris, Mark Vermilyea,  Minfeng Xu,  Paul Thompson,  Gene Conte,  Christopher Van Epps,  Christopher Immer,  Seung‐Kyun Lee,  Ek T. Tan,  Dominic Graziani,  Jean‐Baptise Mathieu  Christopher J. Hardy, John F. Schenck , Eric Fiveland,  Wolfgang Stautner,  Justin Ricci, Joseph Piel,  Keith Park,  Yihe Hua,  Ye Bai,  Alex Kagan,  David Stanley,  Paul T. Weavers,  Erin Gray,  Yunhong Shu,  Matthew A. Frick,  Norbert G. Campeau,  Joshua Trzasko,  John Huston III,  Matt A. Bernstein
  98. Impact of (k,t) sampling on DCE MRI tracer kinetic parameter estimation in digital reference objects, by Yannick Bliesener, Sajan G. Lingala, Justin P. Haldar,  Krishna S. Nayak