MRM Highlights Magazine – Volume 7


By Maria Eugenia Caligiuri 

We are proud to present the 2022 edition of the MRM Highlights magazine in a digital format,  and invite members of the ISMRM community to scroll below to browse its pages. Alternatively, click here to download the PDF.

Our cover story this year is entitled “London Calling to the MR World: An Informal History of ISMRM in London” (page 4). We also feature a series of interviews, grouped under the heading “MRI in London Now”, with researchers currently working at Imperial College London (page 10), King’s College London (page 14), and University College London (page 18). The ISMRM public engagement team and the 2021 Magnetic Moments winner and finalists are featured on pages 22 and 26, respectively, while this year’s presidential interviews are with ISMRM President Fernando Calamante (page 28) and ESMRMB President Eva Scheurer (page 32). We have also turned back time, catching up with the ISMRM Young Investigator Award winners from 25 years ago (page 36), namely, Jean Brittain (1997 W.S. Moore YIA winner) and Yijen Wu (1997 I.I. Rabi YIA winner). This year’s YIA finalists are profiled on pages 40–45. Finally, turn to page 46 for a look back through the monthly MRM Highlights Q&A pieces published in the course of 2021.