Special MRM Highlights feature: RRSG podcast on the ISMRM Challenge and reproducibility, with Laura Bortolotti and Sophie Schauman


Organized as a video podcast in collaboration with the ISMRM Reproducible Research Study Group (RRSG), the September 2022 MRM Highlights feature takes the form of a roundtable discussion. Members of the RRSG organizing committee and MRM Highlights team spoke with Laura Bortolotti and Sophie Schauman, organizers of the ISMRM Challenge, about their initiative and reproducible research practices.

Laura Bortolotti (ISMRM Challenge organizer)
Sophie Schauman (ISMRM Challenge organizer)
Francesco Santini (RRSG Chair)
Efrat Shimron (RRSG Trainee Representative)
Mathieu Boudreau (MRM Highlights)
Nadia Blostein (MRM Highlights)

The following resources are mentioned in the podcast:

ISMRM Challenge website (create an account to access the forum)
MRI Together workshop (December 5-8 2022)
Mathieu’s editorial on the open-source landscape of MRM

For those who would like to get a quick overview of our discussion, below is an annotated version of the interview. Clicking on the timestamp will take you to the exact video location where the topic is discussed.

00:00: Intro


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