MRM Highlights magazine – Volume 8


By Maria Eugenia Caligiuri 

We are proud to bring you, in digital format, the 2023 edition of MRM Highlights magazine, and invite members of the ISMRM community to scroll below to browse its pages. Alternatively, click here to download the PDF.

Our cover story this year, “Living and Learning with ISMRM”, is an interview with Roberta Kravitz (page 10). Several initiatives by ISMRM members are showcased on pages 4 and 31 of the magazine. This year’s presidential interview, with current ISMRM President Scott Reeder, can be found on page 20. Incoming ISMRM President Derek Jones was also interviewed, and that article, entitled “Democratizing MRI: Helping everyone, everywhere in the world, benefit from advances in MRI technology”, is on page 5. Lessons on planning, rescheduling and running a successful annual meeting despite an epidemic are explored in an interview with Richard Ehman and David Lomas, who were President and Program Chair of the #ISMRM conference in Toronto in 2003, in the midst of the SARS epidemic (page 14). An interview with the youngest ISMRM presenter (ever!) can be found on page 13. We have also turned back time, catching up with the I.I. Rabi ISMRM Young Investigator Award winner from 20 years ago (page 23). This year’s YIA finalists are profiled on pages 24–30. Finally, turn to page 32 for a look back through the monthly MRM Highlights Q&A pieces published in the course of 2022.