Singapore 2024: Get Involved!



Singapore 2024: Get Involved!

You can preview the preliminary program, with Plenaries, Named Lectures, and Education, but there’s SO much more to the ISMRM meeting! I’d like to point you to many calls for participation on the meeting website. We strive to represent our diversity at the meeting, and YOUR participation helps tremendously, so I encourage you to consider one of these opportunities (on the meeting page).

Our amazing Junior Fellows have been working hard on three sessions: First, the Junior Fellows Symposium, entitled “Innovations & Future Perspectives in MRI Technology,”

The coveted Shark Tank Trophy—your name will be inscribed, and you determine if the shark is head-first or tail-first for the next year!

delves into groundbreaking MRI methods and techniques poised to revolutionize the field in the future. Second, the Secret Sessions return, with a call for proposals posted on the website (15 March). Third, the 2024 edition of the Junior Fellows Shark Tank calls for participants and judges (25 March).

Who remembers the year the MRI Artifacts Game Show began?! Continued innovation, new acronyms and increased complexity produce … EVEN MORE ARTIFACTS! Please submit your artifacts (22 March), and baffle the contestants. (You were correct if you said Honolulu 2009 above; this year marks the 16th edition of the MR Artifacts Game Show [Thursday, 09 May].)

This is your last chance to register for Repeat It with Me: Reproducibility Challenge (28 Feb). Time is also running out to submit for the Clinical Translation: Unmet Needs Challenge (13 March). But stay tuned, there will be new challenges for 2024-25 announced soon.

Finally, I want to remind you of the Clinical Focus Meeting (CFM), “MRI: Transforming Diagnosis & Care in Trauma.” The program, led by Nivedita Agarwal, Jonathan Dillman, Khin Khin Tha, and many other organizers will look carefully at some challenging applications of MRI. On Saturday (04 May), “Introduction to Trauma” prepares attendees for the next three days of education, science, and discussion. The ISMRT-ISMRM Joint Forum will address safely imaging following trauma, and the Monday Plenary Session explores “Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.” Two scientific oral sessions and a digital poster session will feature the latest science in this area.

View the flyer and preview the program—just look for this Trauma symbol:

In March, I’ll describe some of the meeting highlights and the new digital poster format.

Brian Hargreaves, Ph.D.
2024 Annual Meeting Program Chair

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