MRM Highlights magazine – Volume 9


By Maria Eugenia Caligiuri 

We are proud to bring you, in digital format, the 2024 edition of MRM Highlights magazine, and invite members of the ISMRM community to scroll below to browse its pages. Alternatively, click here to download the PDF.

This year’s cover story, “Forty Years of Magn Reson Med: But How Did It All Begin?” by Peter Jezzard, delves into the rich history and seminal moments that have shaped our publication (page 11). We also pay tribute to the very first MRM paper in an interview with Graeme Bydder, offering a unique glimpse into the origins of magnetic resonance (page 14).

Continuing our tradition of celebrating achievements, we feature an interview with this year’s ISMRM President Derek Jones, discussing the ongoing efforts to democratize MRI technology (page 23). In a similar vein, the 2024 NIBIB New Horizons Lecturer, Ileana Jelescu, shares insights into her pioneering research (page 28).

Our focus on educational advancement is highlighted in “Towards Global Access to MRI Education,” where Nayebare Maureen discusses her experiences with the Gates initiative (page 31). Additionally, we look back at past achievements by revisiting the 1999 ISMRM’s Young Investigator Award winners (page 32) and introducing the finalists for the 2024 award (page 34).

Further exploring our community’s impact, we include a series on how MRM papers have influenced the industry (page 19) and showcase all-time favorite MRM papers selected by ISMRM members (page 16).

Lastly, the Q&A section is richer than ever, featuring discussions on cutting-edge topics like neural networks in spectral analysis and the optimization of brain imaging techniques at 7T (pages 52-64).

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we hope you find inspiration and insight in these pages. Enjoy reading!


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